Born in Milan in 1972. Having completed her studies in advertising graphics and obtained her Liceo Artistico high school degree, she attended the Architectural School of the Milan Politecnico, from which she graduated in December 2000.
Having practiced at various professional studios in Milan, in 2005 she started working as a free-lance designer, with a special focus on interior remodelling.
Her work is inspired by incessant attention to space, conceived as the locus of and for people: sensations and perceptions arising from the observation of nature – in its many aspects and countless manifestations – steer the design project towards the creation of intimate, harmonious environments, where nature itself is the characterising element for each and every moment in a person’s daily life.
She joined the tightly-knit team of Studio Del Portico in 2008.

Studio di Architettura Simone Del Portico, CF/Partita IVA: 12321070158