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 Established in 1997, Studio Del Portico is based in Milan.
Since then, the Studio has participated successfully in many architecture and design competitions and has honed its design skills and creativity in a variety of fields.
Residential housing: high prestige remodelling projects, characterised by the use of leading-edge techniques and materials, and offering each client all the expertise needed to ensure that the project is followed through to its successful completion.
Service sector: design solutions for the creation of offices, sales premises and showrooms in Italy and abroad, where an effective organisation of space is mated to careful design and selection of furniture and fittings.            Industrial design and communications: the design of industrial products is formulated by paying undivided attention to both their appearance and their functional aspects. Expert use of graphic design leads to the development of a coordinated image that enhances the identity of a company.                                                                    At present the Studio is staffed by three / two architects and relies on the contribution of external professionals with whom it has established long-standing relations of collaboration.

Studio di Architettura Simone Del Portico, CF/Partita IVA: 12321070158